Double-Take Decor - Painted/Stenciled Floor - Hamilton, MT
Double-Take Decor - Where outdated furniture gets a new style
This is what we started withAter cleaning the floor with TSP/Water we started with the first of 2 coats. We used American Paint Company's 'Saddle' This handy tool made a world of difference for painting around the base boards and window frames. HUGE time saver!
First coat drying..took about an hour2nd coat took maybe an hourWe had leftover trim paint that was used for the shelves, doors and windows. Mixed wonderful Webster's Chalk Paint Powder with water and added that to the paint. The stenciling began.
Going along well. We wanted to leave a boarder around the room to make it look like a 'rug'.Here you can see how we taped off the part of the design we didn't want to use, that's what gives it the 'boarder' look
Here are the corners, again just tape off the portion of the design to give it the look you want. Depending on the stencil you may take some 'thinking'. But you can do it.we're getting there. Almost done and ready to seal.This is what we sealed the floor with. we added 'dark walnut' stain to this for more of an aged look. No measuring, we just added until the color until it looked like what we wantedThe paint dries light then returns to it's original color when the sealer is applied. I love that aspect of American Paint Company paint, you don't have to wonder if you sealed a spot or know right away.
AND....we're done!!ALL dressed up...