Double-Take Decor - More Before/After - Hamilton, MT
Double-Take Decor - Where outdated furniture gets a new style
Cream Bedroom Set-AfterDresser-BEFOREDresser-AFTERembossed detail on the drawer fronts
close up of embossed detail on the side of the dressTwin Pineapple Head/Footboard_BEFORETwin Pineapple Head/Footboard-AFTERBefore-Old Dark Cabinet
After-Old Dark CabinetBeforre-Kidney Shaped DeskAfter-Kidney Shaped Desk
BeforeAfter-Media Center with embossed stencil on the drawer frontsBefore-Old bookcaseAfter-Old Bookcase
Before-Plain old dresserAfter-Not so plain old dresser. Pale Blue drawer with added embossed raised stenciling. Two toned gray Highboy with embossed stencil on the drawers and black color waah over the whole piece.
Before-Very beat up Empire Dresser/MirrorAfter-Empire Dresser
Before-another boring dresserAfter-another not so boring dresserBefore-French Provençal DeskAfter-Freinc Provençal Desk
Before-Small BuffetAfter-Small BuffetBefore-Early American 2 drawer bookcase After-Early American 2 drawer bookcase