Double-Take Decor - About Us - Hamilton, MT
Double-Take Decor - Where outdated furniture gets a new style
We travel all over the country, from California to New York. While on the road our priority is to stop at thrifts stores, garage & estate sales, even dumps, along the way. We are always amazed at what ends up at dumpsites. There are some fun and unique pieces of furniture and other outdated treasures just waiting for us to find and restyle for you. As a result, we fill every inch in the truck we can find.
Truck Full Furniture
When we get them back to our workshop we decide what touches each piece needs. Some we save for  customers to choose from and others we restyle and bring to Stone Cottage as part of our finished inventory. Each of our pieces get some or all of these steps; repair, sand, prime, add wood or embossed appliques, trim, stencils, wallpaper, fabric, new or restyled hardware, wet or dry distress. Then we paint, wet or dry distress, color wash, wax and top coat for a durable, protective finish. Each piece is unique and requires different  touches to give it  it's individual restyle. That's the fun part! Bring us a pic of what you'd like and we'll do our best to give it to you.